EZ Coolguard Plus-M900 Series

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The American Aluminum Accessories Coolguard Plus-M900 Series is the perfect product if you want to ensure the safety of your K9 partner or animal control units. Equipped with an innovative self-activation feature, Coolguard Plus rapidly cools down the interior of a vehicle when the temperatures reach potentially dangerous levels. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that your canine partner or animal control unit stays protected even on hot summer days.

The average lethal temperature for an average-size Law Enforcement K9 is 103 to 107 degrees for approximately 5 minutes – but with Coolguard Plus, you don’t have to worry about your k9 getting overheated inside your K9 vehicle. Invest in your canine’s safety and bring your Coolguard Plus-M900 Series today!

The Coolguard Plus M900 Series offers peace of mind with its advanced auto-diagnostics and self-test functions. Controls are conveniently located at your fingertips, and efficient cooling is assured with two temperature settings at the touch of a button—87 and 93 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus CoolGuard Plus features a setting that adjusts for 30 degrees Fahrenheit or below if temperatures get too cold.

For added protection, the American Aluminum Accessories Coolguard Plus M900 Series includes an automatic dual window drop feature for quick cool-down when you need it most. An ultra-powerful fan helps circulate air evenly throughout your vehicle, and a detailed digital readout informs you of AHUs (Air Handling Units) in the cab. The attractive display also shows heat index and humidity for optimal comfort no matter where you travel. An alarm activates if abnormal temperatures are detected to make sure you’re always aware of changing conditions. The unique horn pattern creates unmistakable warning so that high or low temps inside your cab never catch you off guard.

No worries here—the impressive M900 Series comes equipped with all the extras to ensure K9 protection: a fan guard, wiring harness, and lights output for any additionally connected flashers (flashing lights not included). Further, Drive Disable shuts off the alarm while driving safely to avoid any unwelcome interruptions to your patrol routine. With Coolguard’s robust self-diagnostics logging capability and low battery page function alerting users promptly of power changes – trust that this hardware keeps its promise big time! Keep on rolling with coverage from Coolguard’s award-winning series – now offering advanced comfort controls like never before.

Keep your K9 partner safe, comfortable, and happy with the Coolguard Plus-M900 Series. This Paw Protect system is designed to remind you not to leave your K9 behind by triggering an alarm before you leave the K9 vehicle. With innovative technology and a full 1-year warranty against defects, this system will keep your dog safe in your car.

The Coolguard Plus also comes with a fully integrated Rescue function which alerts you through a horn alarm and pops open the door. For an additional safety option, purchase the Pager unit to ensure that even if you are outside the hearing range, you will be notified immediately via page should your battery become low or the system has been activated. All necessary installation instructions and free technical support are included, making setup hassle-free and easy!

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 in
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30A Fuse & In-line Fuse Holder, All Associated Wire Harnesses, Control Head (TS display), Fan & Fan Guard, Paw Protect, Pedestal Kit, Temp Probes w/ Temp & Humidity (x2)

Availability Now available in-store at
3266 Old Cornelia Hwy Gainesville 30507

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EZ Coolguard Plus-M900 Series


    • 1pc Coolguard Plus Only
    • 1pc Coolguard Control Head (TS display)
    • 1pc Paw Protect
    • 2pcs Temp Probes w/ Temp & Humidity
    • 1pc Pedestal kit
    • 1kt All Associated Wire Harnesses
    • 1pc 30A Fuse & In-line Fuse Holder
    • 1pc Fan & Fan Guard
  • Does Not Include
    • Rescue Door Opener
    • Coolguard Pager

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