A Custom Canine Unlimited original Mil. Spec. Tubular Nylon Dog Leash

Designed and made by Custom Canine Unlimited to meet the demanding needs of K-9 Trainers, Police K-9 Handlers, Military K-9 Handlers, or any other working dog handler. These long lines come in various colors but always maintain the highest quality of craftsmanship, which lends to reliability and durability—the ideal lead for training or deployment—often used as a Tracking Line, Dog Leash, or Aggression Back Tie.


  • Mil. Spec W 5625 Tubular Nylon
  • Brass Barrel Clip
  • 1″ width
  • 4000 lbs. Tensile Strength


What You Should Know About This Long Line

  • This line is ideal for tracking. The tubular nylon is among the best lines to distribute heat in your hands.
  • K9 handlers love the way this leash feels in their hands.
  • Our professional trainers wouldn’t use any other long lines because the difference in quality and feel is immediately apparent.
  • This is standard-issued equipment for all Custom Canine Unlimited students because of its quality.
  • They are so durable; we gladly warranty them.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Olive Drab, Black, Yellow


6' x 1", 10' x 1", 15' x 1", 33' x 1" (10M), 50' x 1", 100' x 1"

2 reviews for Tubular Nylon Lead

  1. efccbddbba?s=&#;d=mm&#;r=g

    Matt P. (verified owner)

    usGeorgia, United States

    Great product, durable and very well made

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  2. cdfedccadcfdb?s=&#;d=mm&#;r=g

    Leonardus (verified owner)

    As described , nice and lite , feels solid.

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Tubular Nylon Lead



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