K9 Supervisor Liability Online Class

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K9 Supervisor Liability Online Class

K9 Supervisor Liability Class is taught using Custom Canine Unlimited Online K9 Training Platform.  This is a 2 hour online K9 training class that addresses K9 Supervisor Liability from the standpoint of education.  This class presents legal definitions, liability terms, case law, and compiled research to a student in an easily-to-understood manner.  This class uses a manual, video presentations, and handouts to promote learning.

This class is ideal for K9 Supervisors, Department Administrators, or other K9 related personnel within the United States Law Enforcement or Security industries.  If you have never received any training in the areas of K9 Supervisor Liability, need a K9 Supervisor Liability Class update, or are looking for continuing K9 education, but do not need our full K9 Supervisor Course this is the class for you.

This class is also included in our K9 Supervisor Course


Module 1 K9 Supervisor Liability
Unit 1 Welcome to CCU Online K9 Courses
Unit 2 K9 Supervisor Liability Class Welcome
Unit 3 K9 Supervisor Liability Class Content
Unit 4 K9 Supervisor Liability Class Objective
Unit 5 Supervisor Liability Introduction
Unit 6 Legal Doctrines
Unit 7 Liability Areas Summary
Unit 8 Liability Areas
Unit 9 K9 Liability
Unit 10 K9 Liability Answered
Unit 11 Sample K9 Policies
Unit 12 K9 Supervisor Liability Quiz
Unit 13 K9 Supervisor Liability Class Evaluation


2 reviews for K9 Supervisor Liability Online Class

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    Quinn (Verified CCU Customer)

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    This course provided the necessary foundational knowledge to be a successful and active supervisor as well as an integral part of the K-9 unit.

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K9 Supervisor Liability Online Class

K9 Supervisors and Department Administrators are liable for their K9 Teams. Lack of knowledge is not a defense to liability.  This online class directly addresses the issues K9 Supervisors with liability.  This class is ideal for any personnel that aspires to become a K9 unit supervisor or needs K9 unit supervision training for a U.S. law enforcement or security company application.



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