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JB's Buckshot Blend Pods 12

JB wanted more KICK! JB’s Buckshot Blend uniquely blended medium dark roast has a little something extra for those early mornings or late shifts. JB’s 80/ 20 blend of Arabica and Robusta is carefully roasted to give you a noticeable increase in caffeine with a well balanced taste. Packaged specifically for one use, one cup compatibility with both Keurig 2.0 and 1.0.

One Nation Coffee beans are sourced only from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms regularly audit to verify that farmers comply with the Standard’s comprehensive requirements, which require continual improvement on the journey to sustainable agriculture.

One Nation Coffee is roasted in small batches and ground to order, so you can expect the freshest coffee possible. 


One Nation Coffee proudly donates a portion of its proceeds from all coffee sold to the One Nation Foundation that helps veterans, first responders, and families. Each purchase helps uplift American heroes who sacrifice to serve and protect the freedoms we love.


Medium-Dark roast coffee will be browner (darker) than a medium roast coffee due to the prolonged exposure to heat during the roasting process. A medium-dark coffee maintains acidity (less than a medium or light roast) and a balanced aroma. A medium-dark roast will also hold little to no oil. Do not mistake a medium-dark roast does not mean loss of or a bland flavor when roasted right; as with One Nation Coffee, it delivers a great complex flavor. 

The Arabica beans come from the delicate arabica plant that originates in Ethiopia and accounts for approximately 60% of today’s cups of coffee. The truth is, the Arabica bean is expensive. However, a bean you will be familiar with and a bean ranked at the top for best taste. 

The Robusta beans come from the Coffea canephora plant that originates in Africa. This bean has more caffeine and less acid, providing a great complement to the Arabica bean.

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One Nation Coffee BJ’s Buckshot Blend Coffee Pods



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