E/Z Rider 1/3rd Prisoner 2/3rd K9 Insert

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K9 side of K9 platform

Introducing the E/Z Rider 1/3rd, 2/3rd K9 platform – a revolutionary and safe way to transport suspects and canines. The experts at American Aluminum Accessories crafted the 1/3rd prisoner and 2/3rd K9 insert; this one-of-a-kind platform is designed to carry prisoners while maintaining the K-9 Officer’s utmost security and safety. The K9 portion has all of your partner’s comfort and safety features you’d expect from a platform unit, including window guards, protective door panels, and a specialized aluminum seat that even comes equipped with an AMSAFE lap-style seat belt restraint for prisoner security. A clear polycarbonate window also grants visibility between the officer and the prisoner. Compatible with several vehicles makes and models, such as the Ford Explorer, F150, F350, and more, this dual K9/Prisoner transporter is incredibly versatile – giving you all the freedom and protection needed to keep your suspects securely in tow. Get peace of mind wherever you go with the E/Z Rider 1/3 Prisoner, 2/3rds K9 Unit!

*Each Unit is made to order. Allow 3-6 Weeks for delivery.

Additional information

Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 48 × 48 in
Vehicle Type

Chevy Crew Cab 2014-2018, Chevy Crew Cab 2019-2022, Chevy Suburban 2015-2020, Chevy Suburban 2021–2022, Chevy Tahoe 2021-2022, Dodge Crew Cab 2015-2018, Dodge Durango 2011-2022, Ford Explorer 2011-2019, Ford Explorer 2020-2022, Ford F150 2015-2022, Ford F250/350 2017-2022


Easy Cleaning, Heavy Gauge Aluminum, Matte Black Powder Coat, Rubber Mat, Tailored For Easy Install, Tailored For The Comfort & Safety of The K9, Tailored For The Comfort & Safety of The Officer, Vehicle Specific, White Interior Cage Light


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E/Z Rider 1/3rd Prisoner 2/3rd K9 Insert

Made For These Models

  • Ford Explorer 2020-2022
  • Ford Explorer 2011-2019
  • Ford F150 2015-2020
  • Ford F250/350 2015-2020
  • Ford F250/350 20011-2014
  • Chevy Tahoe 2000-2014
  • Chevy Crew Cab 2014-2018
  • Chevy Crew Cab 2019-2020
  • Chevy Suburban 2015-2020
  • Dodge Durango 2011-2020
  • Dodge Crew Cab 2015-2018



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