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K9 Online resources

Basic Obedience for Working Dogs – Advancing the Place Command

Obedience is the foundation of all training for working dogs. For service dogs in particular, place is a very important command. In our previous video, we began teaching future service dog K9 Cappy the place command. We are now advancing his place command by lengthening the duration of his down & moving the placement. As […]

Basic Obedience for Working Dogs – Teaching The Place Command

The “place” command can be a very useful with working dogs for many different reasons. It teaches your dog that it does not have to be right beside you at all times & to relax in a given spot. In this specific scenario, K9 Cappy is training to be a service dog so the place […]

Conditioning your Working Dog for Gunfire Neutrality

There are many reasons that gunfire neutrality is important for working k9s. These including safety of the dog, handler or anyone else in the area. Gunfire neutrality means that the dog does not pay attention to the gunfire at all. The dog should pay attention to the handler and the job they are performing while […]

K9 Tracking – The Working Dog’s Final Response during Article Searches

As with any type of working dog training we start by teaching the K9 the job we want them to perform. Once the dog understands what we want them to do, we fine tune the final response we expect from them. In the introduction to article searches, we initially starting paying the dog for simply […]

K9 Tracking – Introducing Your Working Dog to Article Searches

Tracking is great building block to several other things your working dog may train for including article searches. If your dog doesn’t know how to track, check out our posts on puppy tracks and also concentration tracks before beginning article searches. Once the dog has the basics of tracking, we are going to introduce them […]

K9 Tracking – Decreasing Odor in Concentration Tracks

As our working dogs gain understanding as to what we want from them, we increase the difficulty in the track. Adding turns and decreasing odor are just a few of the ways to make our concentration tracks more difficult. In this session, the dog has already been introduced to turns and we have lessened the […]

K9 Tracking – Increasing Difficulty in Concentration Tracks

In tracking or scent work, we expect the dog to rely on their nose and not their vision. In some cases, we have to teach the dog to actively sniff and not just drive forward. As we progress with concentration tracks we will increase the difficulty by adding turns and decreasing the scent. This will […]

K9 Tracking – Teaching the Scent Picture with Concentration Tracks

There are several steps in teaching a working dog to track. In previous videos we introduced a dog to tracking with puppy tracks. The next step is to move the dog to concentration tracks. Concentration tracks are tracks with a lot of odor that will teach the dog their scent picture. In this phase it […]

The Importance of Testing the Functionality of K9 Teams – Part 2

To be the best k9 team that we can be, we have to continuously train and this means assessing our weaknesses so that we can work through them. It is important to work with your dog, but also test the functionality of both you and your dog working together as a team. We set up […]

The Importance of Testing the Functionality of K9 Teams – Part 1

As a k9 team, we are only as good as the amount of work that we put in. For this reason, no matter if you are a newer team or seasoned veterans it is important to never stop training. To continuously progress in our training, we test the functionality of our teams working together through […]

Working Dog Tracking Basics – Controlling your Dog’s Drive

In the beginning of training a dog to track we start with a lot of stimulation. As the dog learns what we are wanting them to do or for higher drive dogs, this stimulation may become too much. As trainers or handlers we have to know when the dog needs the stimulation to put them […]

Working Dog Tracking Basics – How to Introduce Your Dog to Tracking

In training a dog to track, we start with puppy tracks or fundamental tracks. These are short, easy tracks with a lot of odor and stimulation to make the dog want to find their reward at the end of the track. For these tracks, start by enticing the dog with the toy they will be […]

Online k9 courses

superior training. For the Serious

When it comes to training, we take it serious. Some offer training for the fun of it and deliver results that are subpar. Custom Canine Unlimited understands the reality of our teams working in the real world. Our training is developed to meet the demands of the real world.

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The framework for each class, course, and program is built to meet a specific purpose, however we are still able to provide the nessary custom training each dog and person needs. 

Police K9 Training


Military Working Dog Training


U.S. Veteran K9 Training


Working Dog Training




I just want to thank all the trainers for the time and hard work they put into us as I know its not easy training new handlers. I felt like everyone here was here to help and l enjoyed my time at CCU.

Michael Aguilar

K9 Handler, Columbus Police Department

“I would like to thank the entire staff for the gems that were shared with me. One of the hardest and challenging courses I have encountered. Thank for making Tracking interesting. If nothing I will always keep in mind Have Fun and Confidence.”
Eugene Young

Is housing available?

Yes, Housing is available.  Although it is not on site it is within 7 minute drive from the facility. 

What are the class sizes?

Each class is designed differently, however for the most part our student to instructor ratio is 4:1.


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