K9 Handler Selection Online Course

K9 Handler Selection Class is taught using the Custom Canine Unlimited Online K9 Training Platform.  This is a 1 hour online K9 training class that addresses K9 Handler Selection using a “Best-Practice” approach in an easily-to-understood manner.  This class uses a manual, video presentations, and handouts to assist with the learning process. This class is ideal for K9 Supervisors, Department Administrators, or other K9 related personnel within the United States Law Enforcement, Security industries, others tasked with K9 handler selection.  If you have never received any K9 Supervisor training or have never received any training in the area of K9 handler selection and do not need our full K9 Supervisor Course this class is for you. This class is also included in our K9 Supervisor Course THESE CURRENT TOPICS WILL BE TAUGHT IN THIS COURSE

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Our Online Classes  
Unit 2 Report Writing For K9 Handlers Welcome  
Unit 3 Meet Your Course Instructor  
Unit 4 Class Material  
Unit 5 Reason For This Class  
Unit 6 Overview  
Unit 7 Enabling Objectives  
Unit 8 Class Requirements  
Module 2 Understanding Report Writing
Unit 1 Introduction  
Unit 2 The Police Report  
Unit 3 K9 Deployment Report  
Unit 4 Criminal v. Civil  
Unit 5 Chronology & Point of View  
Unit 6 The Report & Professionalism  
Module 3 Building a K9 Deployment Report
Unit 1 K9 Deployment Report Introduction  
Unit 2 Elements of a K9 Deployment Report  
Unit 3 K9 Reliability Formulas  
Unit 4 Sample Stat Sheets  
Unit 5 K9 Team Training & Experience Paragraph Samples  
Module 4 Deployment Specific Reporting
Unit 1 Writing a Detection Report  
Unit 2 Writing a Tracking Report  
Unit 3 Writing a Patrol Report  
Unit 4 Practical Exercise  
Module 5 Button Up
Unit 1 Report Review  
Unit 2 Search Warrants  
Unit 3 Search Warrant Practical Exercise  
Unit 4 Note Taking & Technology  
Unit 5 Courtroom Testimony  
Unit 6 Sample Foundation Questions  
Unit 7 Conclusion  


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K9 Handler Selection Online Class

K9 Supervisors, Department Administrators, and others tasked with selecting K9 Handlers, this class is for you.  Not selecting the right handler costs you time and money.  This online class directly addresses K9 Handler selection.  This class is ideal for any personnel that aspires to become a K9 unit supervisor, needs continuing K9 education for a law enforcement, security company application, or others involved in the K9 Handler selection process.



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