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6 Facts You Should Know About the Belgian Malinois as a Police Dog

6 Facts You Should Know About The Belgian Malinois as a Police Dog

Before we dive into the six facts you should know about the Belgian Malinois, Custom Canine Unlimited is going to share some history on this magnificent breed.

The name “Malinois” originates from the French name of the city Malines Belgian. This is where the Malinois dog breed began back in the late 1800’s. Originally, the Malinois were bred to protect and herd livestock across the countryside. Still a popular breed in the Malines Belgian region, they are one of four Shepherd breeds categorized by their fur type and color. The Federation Cynologique International (FCI) recognizes the Belgian Tervuren, Laekenois, and Groenendael as a part of this Shephard category.

In the early 1900’s, the Malinois breed was brought to the United States. The American Kennel Club (AKC) first registered all four types of Belgian Shepherds in 1911. During World War II, however, the Malinois saw a decline in prevalence across the US due to the decreased importation of European breeding stock.

6 Belgian Malinois Facts You Should Know

Now that you know a little about the Belgian Malinois breed history, it’s time to dig into six facts you should know before you integrate them into your team:

  1. You can often tell the difference between a Belgian Malinois male or female based on size. The males tend to be visibly larger than the females. The masculine appearance of the male compared to the feminine appearance of the female are typically noticeable.
  2. You can expect the Belgian Malinois to be a great running buddy. This breed was used for protecting and herding cattle. Malinois expect to work.
  3. You must actively socialize and integrate the Malinois into your family or team. They are definitive with who they trust and who they avoid. Without proper socialization, they will attach to one or two people in the family or team and remain wary of anyone else.
  4. You must “work” the Malinois breed. They require a lot of activity, running, training, and more. They have active minds and are always looking for a way to expend energy and serve their human.
  5. You can expect your Malinois to match your level of commitment to them. As a dog owner, you will need to be experienced and committed to the health and well being of this breed. They require lots of work and will bond with the owner who gives them said work.
  6. You will need to train your Malinois how to herd the team or family. They will naturally keep watch over the family or team, but you need to direct their energy and drive so that they can be an effective part of the group.

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6 Facts You Should Know About the Belgian Malinois as a Police Dog
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