Tracking Dogs and Handler Training

Tracking Dog Handler Course

Custom Canine Unlimited utilizes the most comprehensive and reliable Police K9 tracking methods in training our tracking dogs. Our dogs are trained to use all aspects of a scent picture to quickly locate the missing person or suspect.

We enhance K-9 Handler safety and increase reliability within the training program of each dog.

Custom Canine Unlimited trains some of the world’s most reliable tracking dogs and handlers. We always maintain a great selection of reliable tracking dogs. We ensure all of our tracking dogs are trained to the highest standards using our “Reliability Program”.

Our tracking dog handler training prepares each handler for the “Real-World.”

Trained Tracking Dogs

Our tracking dogs are trained to track a scent picture of Human Odor, Reinforcing Scents, and Ecological Odor.

Each dog is sure about the trained odors and fully follows them until they are unavailable. The surety each dog has in the trained odors allows us to successfully use urban track and hard surface track within an introductory handler course.

Tracking Dog Handler Training

Our tracking dog training handler courses are unsurpassed by industry standards. Each course provides theory, practical exercise, and testing to prepare the K-9 team to be “road ready” after their course. The concept behind our tracking dog success is the belief that we must teach each handler to track rather than hold the leash and follow the dog. Our developed and proven curriculum comprises non-stop work where downtime is minimized and training is maximized. We test a team in training so they don’t make mistakes on the road.

Our Courses are Approved

  • Georgia Peace Officer Standards & Training (P.O.S.T.)
  • South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy (SCCJA)
  • Illinois Peace Officer Standards & Training (P.O.S.T.)
  • U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Education Benefits

Custom Canine Unlimited maintains an active license with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to provide our clients with the most reliable and highest quality drug detection training.

Core Training Values

Each course is developed with a Core Value System to ensure that each dog and student is trained to apply what they learn at our facility in “real life”. These Core Values include:

  • Teaching a developed curriculum that is designed to maximize training time
  • Include a manual with the full details on training material
  • Provide a full warranty
  • Ensure record keeping of each course to reduce liability
  • The fill-in-the-blank test requires the student to learn the material
  • Practical exercises test each student in the field by uncovering problems in training

Reliability Program

Our Reliability Program has been developed over our many years of training K9 Teams. This Program attacks these issues in three ways:

  • Dog Selection: Selecting the proper dog for the task at hand is essential. The dog’s drive, characteristics, and health are vital elements of the process.
  • Dog Training: Based on science and experience, we set each dog up for success, and test each dog to uncover issues.
  • Handler Training: Knowledge must flow down the leash, not up it. Each handler is taught and tested in the skills required to succeed in the field.

For Law Enforcement

Advance Series K9 Training
Advance Series Training

Custom Canine Unlimited Advanced Series K9 Training is the latest development of K9 Team training courses.

These courses target developing the most deployment-ready K9 teams possible. Courses delivered within this series of K9 training target trained and certified K9 Team advancement.

Drug dog handler and dutch shepherd sniff white car
Drug Dog & Handler Training

Custom Canine Unlimited trains high drive single-purpose dogs for reliable drug detection. We have prepared some of the world’s most reliable drug dogs and handlers. A readily available selection of reliable, trained drug dogs for sale is always kept at our facility.   We ensure all of our drug dogs are trained to the highest standards using our “Reliability Program,” and our drug dog handler training prepares each handler for the “Real-World.”

black belgian malinois sniff the front of a suv
Explosives Dog & Handler Training

Custom Canine Unlimited explosives detection dogs are high-drive, single-purpose dogs trained for explosives detection. We train some of the world’s most reliable explosives dogs (EDD) and explosives dog handlers. We maintain a great selection of reliably trained bomb dogs for sale at all times. All of our EDD dogs are trained to the highest standards using our “Reliability Program” and our explosives dog handler training prepare each handler for the “real-world.”

Female k9 handler tracking with lab
Tracking Dog & Handler Training

Custom Canine Unlimited utilizes the most comprehensive and reliable police k9 tracking training methods in training our tracking dogs. Our dogs are trained to use all aspects of a scent picture to locate the missing person or suspect quickly. We enhance K-9 Handler safety and increase reliability within the training program of each dog.

K9 Handler with German Shepherd walking at heel
CCU National K9 Certification

CCU National K9 Certification is a set of minimum K9 standards established to test the reliability of a Police K9 team, Security Working Dog Team, or other K9 Team that must maintain an established standard of control and reliability. This police k9 national certification sets a minimum standard that complements deployment standards rather than contradicts them. Don’t spend weeks preparing for accreditation; instead, certify under proven standards that coexist with your day-to-day function.

handler standing with belgian malinois
Patrol Dog & Handler Training

Custom Canine Unlimited utilizes the most comprehensive and reliable training methods in training our patrol dogs, with the heaviest focus on control. Case law is clear that a patrol dog must be under control, and our dogs are trained to incorporate the highest case law and industry standards to ensure “road ready” dogs. We believe pushing a dog in training will minimize failures in deployment and reduce liability for our departments.

Belgian Malinois biting decoy
Police Decoy Course

This Police Decoy Training Course is designed for law enforcement officers and military personnel that use K9 units for detecting and apprehending in the field. While decoys are an often overlooked position in a K9 training team, it is a position that is not fit for the faint of heart. Contact our experienced trainers at Custom Canine Unlimited today to learn more about our intense and vigorous decoy training!

k9 handler patting down decoy with dog watching
Criminal Apprehension for Street Officers

Designed to give law enforcement officers the skills necessary to help identify and apprehend individuals involved in criminal activities by providing officers with the knowledge of what to look for on a traffic stop or other citizen encounters. This course, taught by an expert in the field, will help officers spot criminal activity in both passenger and commercial vehicles.

police k9 trainer course thumbnail handler and dog face
Police K9 Trainer Course

Police departments across the country need qualified Police K9 trainers. The Police K9 Trainer Course is an intensive six-week program that provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to train single purpose and dual purpose police dogs. 

superior training. For the Serious

When it comes to training, we take it serious. Some offer training for the fun of it and deliver results that are subpar. Custom Canine Unlimited understands the reality of our teams working in the real world. Our training is developed to meet the demands of the real world.

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The framework for each class, course, and program is built to meet a specific purpose, however we are still able to provide the nessary custom training each dog and person needs. 

Police K9 Training


Military Working Dog Training


U.S. Veteran K9 Training


Working Dog Training




I just want to thank all the trainers for the time and hard work they put into us as I know its not easy training new handlers. I felt like everyone here was here to help and l enjoyed my time at CCU.

Michael Aguilar

K9 Handler, Columbus Police Department

“I would like to thank the entire staff for the gems that were shared with me. One of the hardest and challenging courses I have encountered. Thank for making Tracking interesting. If nothing I will always keep in mind Have Fun and Confidence.”
Eugene Young

Is housing available?

Yes, Housing is available.  Although it is not on site it is within 7 minute drive from the facility. 

What are the class sizes?

Each class is designed differently, however for the most part our student to instructor ratio is 4:1.